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Friday, April 13, 2012

Theater - Microteatro

Microteatro is a different concept for theatre very accurate for crisis period... you only pay 4 euros for an approx 10 minutes play, you can choose between different plays all being played in the same theater at the same time, or even see them all (4 euros for each play) enjoying tapas and drinks between play and play at the cozy cafeteria!
The concept started in 2009, at Ballesta street, well known for its prostitution life, at an abandoned brothel, there were 13 rooms and 13 different authors represented a 10 minutes play with prostitution as the main subject in each of the rooms for a reduced group of people. It was a risky experiment but turned out to be very successful so they decided to repeat it on a fixed basis.

Ballesta area stayed for the purpose, and they changed from an old brothel to an old butcher shop, all about meat...

Each month the 6 plays represented try to keep a single subject, April is “all about dreams" and I specially recommend it because, first, it is a cheap and original concept for theatre and, second, the interaction with the actors is very special,  rooms are not big and public is very reduced making it a very unique experience and feeling inside the drama! 

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