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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sweets and candy - Caramelos Paco

Caramelos Paco (calle Toledo 55) is something very dear to me. My dad goes there every week to replenish his provisions of candy that then offers to all of us when we go for lunch to his house. He enjoys as a little child maybe because he is diabetic and can only imagine but not taste the joy of savouring sweets.

In 1936, Francisco Redondo Moreno gave birth to a small grocery establishment that, over the years, became specialized in candies and sweets. A dream for children of that time that few could achieve due to rationing and shortages of the postwar years.

Any candy existing in the market can be found there and gathering at its shopwindow is a mistic experience. 
The owners have expanded the business selling  online and personalizing candy for companies and institutions. There is also a Fiestas Paco at number 52 on the same Toledo street for parties and costumes.
Caramelos Paco
Calle Toledo 55

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