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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Restaurant and drinks - Vintage Lounge

Waiting for friends at Vintage Lounge bar
Castellana 56
91 5645027

Vintage Lounge is a very special new place. It has all ingredients to become a Hot Spot in Madrid!! Everyone knows that in those same premises there used to be a famous "Male Escort Club". So, me and my friends were very curious about the place and went there for lunch.
The entrance is more than intriguing, you need to trespass a double space with two doors, decorated with famous Oscar Wilde phrases and twenties music. But then everything becomes more conventional when you get into the big lounge decorated vintage art nouveau style by Diana Burillo (also owner) and Anmoder.

Food is good. We all tried the steak tartare, that seemed to be the star of the menu (advise from the waiter) and was indeed very good. Prices range from 35€ to 45€ depending on choice of wine.

We noticed that there was a nice area for afterwork drinks so we need to repeat during the afternoon.

Intriguing entrance

Their web page is quite amusing, they propose a web for day and a different one for night time and they claim to have innovative cocktails. It needs a try!!!!

Choice at the bar
Entrance lamp
fashion art decó restroom

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