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Monday, April 30, 2012

Restaurant El Paraguas

at Restaurant el Paraguas Madrid
Restaurant El Paraguas
Jorge Juan 16
91 4315950 - 91 4315840
Today my restaurant proposal is a serious one: El Paraguas, one of the best restaurants in Madrid. Very classy restaurant where the clientelle are mostly locals, the food is excellent and has a great service. It is a sure bet!! Ideal for business dinners or special celebrations (you can book a separated room) but must be aware that the bill is not going to be cheap!!
The food is typical spanish with asturian flavour and presented in a very sofisticated way. Not recomended for a light lunch, you must have time enough to enjoy and taste its varied dishes. My favorite are "oricios gratinados" (sea urchin gratin) and "manitas con colmenillas y trufa negra" (trotters with morels and black truffles). Yummy!!!
It is the serious father of Ten con Ten, so if you rather fancy something less formal you have the choice of Ten con Ten at a walking distance...

Fruit and vegetables still life at the entrance

Interior of Restaurant el Paraguas

sea urchin at EL Paraguas Madrid
Sea Urchin 
Jorge Juan 16
28001 Madrid
Tel: + 34 91 4315950 - 91 4315840

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