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Monday, April 9, 2012

Museo Sorolla

Clotilde, Sorolla's wife
Clotilde, Sorolla's wife
Unfortunately this Easter in Madrid won't be remembered for its sunshine... however, we managed to get some light and summer breeze visiting Sorolla's museum
Sorolla is a Valencia born painter from the 19th century, well known for painting the sunlight of his land in an outstanding way.
The museum is located in his own house, which certainly makes the visit more intimate as you get to see not only his artwork but his atelier and amazing patios and garden. 

I am looking forward to go back in summer time and enjoy this little oasis of roses, fountains and “azulejos”  in the middle of the urban and busy Martinez Campos street.

Fountain Museo Sorolla
Fountain of The Confidences
At present, apart from the permanent collection hanging in the three atelier Sorolla's rooms, you are lucky to see a temporary exhibition of Clotilde, Sorrolla's wife, with paintings, drawings, pictures, love letters between Sorolla and her and personal objects.

Patio and garden Museo Sorolla
Patio and garden Museo Sorolla
She is the most portraited woman in the museum being Sorolla's muse and love. They knew each other very young and showed deep love at all stages of their life. Thanks to her we can enjoy this fantastic place and its content since she offered the legacy of the family house and collection to the Spanish government.

Do not hesitate to visit the museum, it worths the visit! 

Sorolla Mediterranean Light
Mediterranean Light

interior Museo Sorolla
Interior Museo Sorolla

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  1. Sorolla is one of my favourite painters and the museum is of the most delightful places.
    Nice suggestion!


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