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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Libreria Rumor (bookstore)

Libreria Rumor (Colombia 43, phone 913501477) is MY bookstore!!
In Chamartin district once you trespass its door you get, like Alice, into the other side of the mirror: a happy and magic dimension, quiet but full of emotions contained in small rectangular formats, filled with stories: their books!!

Libreria Rumor Madrid
Libreria Rumor
Colombia 43

91 3501477
Madrid bookstore Rumor

They have a selected choice of almost everything from the newest editorial hit to a classic collection of art, history... and above all literature. And many, many independent seals that you can hardly find elsewhere.
The bassement is dedicated to children literature. They have a huge choice and know what to recommend depending on age.

Madrid bookshop rumor

And the best of all are the owners, they love their work, have read almost everything and happen to have my same taste, so their recommendations are always accurate. It is a great pleasure to spend my time in this bookshop!!!

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