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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gervasio Sánchez Photo Exibition

Today's cultural activity has been intense and heartbreaking... I had heard about the transformation of the Lavapies old tobacco factory into a new self managed cultural space La Tabacalera and decided to visit it knowing it was showing Gervasio Sánchez (Photography National Award) photography work.
I had seen a photo of a broken window of car with girls inside and wanted to know more the artist.

The space of La Tabacalera is divided in two; the door closer to Embajadores square leads you to the proper self managed cultural space, I visited it briefly and could see much of the typical people movements surrounding political awareness... but will have to check it closer.

However, if you continue through Emabajadores street further down you get to this amazing abandoned building where the exhibition is taking place. Its industrial decadence was the perfect companion to the war pictures shown by Sanchez's.

He has spent 30 years going to different war conflicts in the Planet, Salvador, Guatemala, Ruanda, Sierra Leone, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Kosovo and from 1982 his job has been in the field of war being the witness, through his camera, of the suffering and horror that was going on. Also very interesting his work of landmines and people disappeared in conflicts. All my respect for this amazing professional. The exhibition should be seen by everybody as a tribute to people that had the back luck to live in a war situation.

Conclusion is that no matter the country, the terror and horror lived by civilians is the same, and children, even in the worst scenarios, can still find a way to play...

Tabacalera: c/Embajadores 53, Madrid
Metro Embajadores
Till 10th of June
Free entrance

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