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Thursday, March 15, 2012

San Antón Market in Madrid

A vegetable wall for a veggy shop
Someone at the Town Hall started with this good idea to recover old district markets (spanish mercados de abastos) that were abandoned and refurbish them as new hot spots for the city. Today the trendiest place to buy food or to have a snack in Madrid is Mercado de San Antón or Mercado de San Miguel, and I've heard there are some others programmed shortly...!! I must say I like it.

The Mercado was traditionally the gathering place for the people in the neighborhood and it keeps that exact same goal. Today I am featuring Mercado de San Antón, the very new one. At the ground floor you have food shops, from fruits and vegetables to fish and meat. Top floor is for savoring and tasting little (or big) snacks. And the good thing is that you are in the middle of Chueca district right at the "shoe street" Augusto Figueroa. So after your snack just go up the street towards Hortaleza and you'll get a full choice for your feet!!!

go upstairs for a snack

go downstairs for your fish...

...and veggy

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