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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fundación Mapfre - Lewis Hine photographs

Fundación Mapfre is always a good place to go for art and exhibitions in Madrid. It is well located (Recoletos 23), small enough to consume a small part of your morning or evening, good selection of artists and last but not least, Free!!
 You might find long queues but go with your group of friends that will make the waiting time more fun!
Today I went to visit Lewis Hine photograph exhibition.  It is an interesting documentary of North America inmigration at the end of 19th and beginning of 20th century; child labour and extreme poverty. There is also a curious part regarding the building of first skyscrapers, very revolutionary at the time, showing the profound interest that machines had on people.
It seems that Hine himself  passed his last days as humble as the people he portrayed despite his talent.
Special attention to Icarus, the worker in the skyscraper, named after the myth of Icarus who flied up in the sky, so close to the sun that the wax of his wings melted provoking his death.

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