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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Custom made swimwear - Fuensanta Vigueras

Fuensanta Vigueras
Machaquito 58

Pieces she uses to customize swim wear
Summer is almost here. We need to look our best, so apart from starting immediately an intelligent and quick excercie/diet plan, go to Fuensanta Vigueras's shop to renew swimming costumes.

They are all made-to-order specially for you. Don't need to suffer if you top is thiner than your bottom or viceversa, your new swimwear will flatter your body type, and will fit your precise measurements. Wide range of high quality lycras in every possible colour and pattern. But you need to go now because she takes a little while to produce each custom piece (what you see are just samples). The best is that your new swimming costume will shape you up for years and years. It is a real good investment, believe me!!
Fuensanta herself

You will also find summer clothes nicely priced and very special jewelry. 

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