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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Concept Stores - La pluma Verde

This is my second Concept Store proposal: la Pluma verde. Very recently inaugurated, their website is still under construction, but you can get info in their Facebook page.

Again a group of creative people that put together a very special commercial space combining different offers: “Rent a Garden” with lovely outside furniture specially crafted by them, hand made china at the Taller de Carmen Muñoz, headdresses, children clothes, vintage, conferences, courses, art exhibitions… The owners are quite globetrotters so things come from all over the world. Very special! If you go close to Aravaca, do not miss it, you'll find it in AVENIDA DE LA VICTORIA, 82, plantio and it is open daily from 10pm to 20 pm. This is the map designed by them:


  1. Lovely blog!!! What I can´t understand is why is everything written in English.... anyway, I like it a lot...
    Greetings from Llanes!

  2. Thank you!! Your blog is very interesting and very nice. I am linking it!! yes, I think I should consider writing also in spanish...

  3. Just discovered your blog (thanks for following us!) and I'm amazed by your great recommendations. Thanks for sharing and let's stay in touch!


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