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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Concept Stores - Federica & Co

Federica & Co
Hermosilla 26

It is a recent trend to find cool places where a bunch of creative young people gather selling all different items not related among them but that somehow work well together. They usually find nice commercial spaces and create a concept that is simple but classy. Probably one of the consequences of the economical crisis that we are suffering makes people gather and think that being united will help their business! And I think it does!!

My first discovery started two years ago: “Federica and Co” at Hermosilla 26. We were invited to the opening and we all thought it didn't look like Madrid. They had rented a courtyard in Salamanca district and had decorated it in a rustic shabby chic theme. This experience is still working today and all the little brands that started there became fashionable and you can find them regularly in fashion magazines. You can buy flowers at the Workshop, elegant headdresses at Mimoki, stylish clothes at Sister Jane, French Provence antiques plus learn how to cook delicious italian dishes at Federica & Co ...

Sister Jane stylish clothes
Sister Jane stylish clothes
Sister Jane stylish clothes

Courtyard in spring

Courtyard blossoming

I propose for next weeks, every Tuesday, a recurrent post dedicated to concept stores and in my agenda I have quite a collection!!! (La Pluma Verde, Enfant Terrible …)

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