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Monday, February 20, 2012

Outings - El Molar

A good option for weekends is to escape from the city and discover Madrid surroundings. It is as easy as driving up to El Molar, a 30 minutes drive from Madrid. Here the interesting thing is to visit and dine at the caves, commonly used as refuge at civil war time, that have been restored into restaurants. They are not well indicated so you might have to ask locals for directions. I recommend Bodegón Olivares, charming and simple.
Choice for cave size is varied; from an intimate cave for 2 to the biggest cave for 15. It is not an option to be on a diet as you will get affordable massive menus for 30€ with grilled meat (baby pork, lamb and goat) that you prepare yourself in a clay dish heated by gas, and as starters: jamon, cheese and local "charcuterie" (chorizo, picadito and morcilla) plus house wine with sparkling water necessary to prepare the traditional “vino con gaseosa”. Homemade desserts will also be included.

An intimate cave

Dinner inside a cave


  1. Actually, it's very interesting!!! I plan to go there. Thanks for the information. Cheers

  2. Wow,this place is in actually so beautiful..I'll definitely go at this place or will enjoy my holiday with my lovely friends..!!

  3. This place is really wonderful and i am interested to visit this place and i am also looking this kind of place because i am looking the holiday spot where me and my family spend holiday vacations and enjoy lots.


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