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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Knitting Lessons - Peseta

Kinitting lessons in Madrid

It seems to be the ultimate tendency in Madrid!! Knitting lessons!
In Noviciado 9, close to San Bernardo, in a very genuine neighborhood, you can find Peseta: a very special space for shopping and others. Clothing, wallets, key rings, everything crafted there can be purchased and become an original gift you wouldn’t find elsewhere. But not only; they have done collaboration works with Lomography, Marc Jacobs, Loreak Mendian, Primavera Sound, New Museum, Mugaritz, Eastpak and Berlinale.

Marc Jabos - Sailor Bagpack 
Kinitting lessons in MadridLast Friday I went to a 4 hours basic knitting class and have probably discovered a new cozy hobby. Economic crisis has it! We are discovering old, quiet and cheap entertainments. The lesson was fun, a nice ambiance and a low price (50 euros with all material included) and now I am ready to craft my own exclusive pullover.

Old times kinittingPeseta logo


  1. i love it! so nice to have this kind of info here in Madrid... thanks!

  2. Almu, no paras!!! Me encanta tu blog, tus ideas, tus preferencias, tus prioridades, tus pppppp... las prendas que tejerás con el curso de peseta!!!

    Incondicionalemente enviDIOSA


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