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Saturday, January 14, 2012

(New address) Villanueva 5 
Today I have been pampered at Rossano Ferretti's hairdressing salon by Enzo and the girls. Great start!!! The head stylist; Claudio, will improve your look while seducing you with his Italian male charm. Rossano Ferretti is an international hairdresser born in Italy with salons in Parma, Verona, Chiavari, Madrid, Venice, Vienna, Rome, Milan, Bologna, Belgrade, Miami, Mumbai, Paris and New York . Its key to the success is the creation of his own method. The haircut that falls naturally rejecting standardization. No one will notice you get out of a salon, they'll notice you look gorgeous not knowing why. I love their haircuts but also their natural dying colors. And best of all the exquisite ways they have with clientele!!!

hairdresser Rossano Ferretti
New spectacular salon in Villanueva 5

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  1. Tried this hairdresser salon yesterday and I believe that was my first and last time. It was not the best service and cut I have ever had. And I had a feeling that mr. hairdresser (who even did not bother to introduce himself, probably because he considered himself a star) just wanted to get rid of me and that I would never ever come back. They do not use any special cutting technique as it is described on their website. And my hair cut looks actually very much as what was on mr. hairdresser. Moreover, the hands of 'mr. cutting star' were smelling of cigarettes when he was moving them around my face. Frankly, I don't understand what I overpaid for. Definitely will not come back and will not recommend.


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