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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Film - The Descendants - Cine Cité Manoteras

Not a bad Clooney but not extraordinary. Handsome, yes!

Went to the cinema on Friday night. In Madrid you can easily find cinemas showing english language films with Spanish dubbing: Renoir, Yelmo, Verdi,… I like Manoteras Cine Cité, they have great seats (called VIP in rows 10 to 12) and easy parking. Surrounding sound a little bit excessive...

We went to watch “the Descendents”, very last film by George Clooney. Not bad but a bit disappointing; a mix of comedy and important drama in Hawaii surroundings. His performance is not very touchy; well, the whole film does not touch you even if the underlying story is very dramatic (wife in coma and difficult relationship with teenage daughters). You always see a screen in front of you, do not get really involved in the story. Yet, remarkable the performance by in-coma wife’s father the actor Robert Forster.


  1. wow! love this blog! I´m new in Madrid and think that this film will be really useful for me!

  2. Almu,

    I went to see "the Descendents" last saturday and I found it superb. I loved both Clooney and "his eldest daughter" interpretation. And, in my case, I really got involved with the story.

    I also have to say that I love this blog. It is fantastic!!


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